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Plans construction ULM

Construire son ULM

Construire un ULM de ses mains, ne demande aucune maîtrise particulière.
Un peu d'habileté, un minimum de patience et surtout une épouse compréhensive.

Un kit, est très intéressant pour commencer, cela évite les problèmes d'approvisionnement, un kit vous fait gagner du temps et de l'énergie.
Le fournisseur du kit procure également les procédures de montage, souvent plus détaillées que de simples plans.
Mais il faut payer le kit à la livraison, mais ce n'est pas forcément plus cher qu'une machine sur plans équivalente.

david hempy's ultralight

Trike Plans!

The following links will show you a set of sketches for a single seat trike.
Be sure to read warning.txt, notes.txt and readme.txt.

IMPORTANT: These drawings were forwarded to me by the people identified in notes.txt and readme.txt. I do not know anything about these drawings. I do not know that any plane has been built from these ideas. Furthermore, I do not know that the creator of these plans has any engineering or aeronautical experience whatsoever. The intent of these plans is to stimulate the creative process for other trike designers. Do not attempt to build a trike using these drawings as your only guide. There are several plans available on the market that have been proven and are available at a very reasonable expense.

Neither the author of these drawings, the host of this web site, nor anyone else other than you have any control over your actions and assume no liability for your use of the information presented here.